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Integrating Mileswap Home into a new program and/or existing building stock means offering an electric, urban and shared solution.
Shared electromobility in residential areas is an essential component of the energy transition and sustainable urban development.
By installing Mileswap Home, you anticipate the urban mobility of tomorrow. You give residents the opportunity to engage in sustainable mobility initiatives for their daily journeys.

What is TaaS?

Transportation as a Service

The future of intelligent travel

Our technologies allow us to interconnect the different modes of transport to suggest to users the most appropriate mobility solution. With our tool, we provide an improved and intelligent transport experience. The move to the Taas eliminates the need for so much space for parking facilities. The solution to relieve congestion in our cities.


Shared electromobility in residential areas gives your homes an eco-housing identity.
You bring to its population, the opportunity to benefit from a mobility toolbox (shared electric fleet, a complete mobility offer as well as the digitalization of your goods).
You will save on construction costs and make your buildings more attractive.

Construction cost savings

State Directive

Turnkey mobility service

Informations to the inhabitants

Our solution

TaaS mobility for your residents

Urban • Electomobility • Connected

Custom fleet of vehicles: together we build an electric fleet adapted to the residence and its geolocation.

Application: Android and iOS mobile applications.

Mobility toolbox: a mobility toolbox adapted to the geolocation of a residence. We combine both public and private transport in a single mobility offer in a smartphone.

Dynamic display: one or more screens are available in the residence to display in real time the availability of vehicles and inform residents about the mobility around them. 

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Do you want to give a green and sustainable identity to your real estate portfolio?
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